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Located next to the Dutch Family Restaurant within the market, we have your next delicious meal. Stocked to the brim with fried chicken, wings, ribs and sides; think of us for your next lunch or dinner. 

Looking for a large order? Simply call in today to place your order for your special event, wedding or corporate event!

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Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken 3 wings                            11.50

Fried Chicken 2 thighs/1 drum              11.25

Fried Chicken 1 breast/1 wing               11.35

Fried Chicken 1 wing/1 drum/1 thigh   11.35

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken                           11.10

Cornish Hen                                            11.10

Baby Back Ribs                                       13.25

Chicken Fingers                                      11.25

BBQ Chicken Sandwich                         11.00

 Party Wing Platter                                  11.50

All platters come complete with potato wedges, cole slaw, roll and pickle

Breast   2.60 3 or more 2.50/each

Thigh     1.55 3 or more 1.45/each

Wings    2.15 

Legs       1.45 3 or more 1.35/each

4 Pieces 7.50

8 pieces 14.75

12 pieces 20.00

16 pieces 25.50

                                   Party wings                                      11.25/lb.

Potato Wedges  

3/2.00 6/3.00 9/4.00 12/5.00

Baby Back Ribs


     Baby Back Ribs cut to order / less than full rack     13.00/lb. 

               Chicken Fingers              


                 Rotisserie Cornish Hens                  1/6.00/lb.   2+ 5.50/lb.

                            Rotisserie Rabbit                              10.99/lb.


                 Rotisserie Chicken              

    4.19/lb. 1/2 4.25/lb. 2+ 4.09/lb. 


                                 Coleslaw                                   .95


                                       Roll                                            1/.80 6/3.75 12/7.25

Always fresh and delicious
Stop in or Call us today!

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